Delta Farmers Business Incubator

ReMix Ideas has partnered with Delta Circles to equip Black Farmers in the Delta region with practical tools to grow their businesses and increase access to fresh healthy food in Arkansas.

The 12-week incubator program focuses on three areas:

  • Knowledge Capital: Providing business education to help farmers build viable, sustainable and scalable businesses
  • Financial Capital: Connecting farmers with potential funding sources
  • Customers: Accessing new markets

The program also provides:

  • Black Farmers with access to mentors with real-world experience to assist them in growing

their businesses and avoiding common mistakes along the way.

  • One-on-one consultations to help Black farmers navigate their entrepreneurial journey and

build viable businesses.

  • Operational support
  • A collaborative workspace including high-speed wi-fi, meeting rooms, as well as access

to technical assistance and business development resources

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