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At Remix Ideas, we believe we can impact and shape the economic landscape in our communities through collaboration and collective intelligence.


About Us


At Remix, we answer the call to tackle complex challenges facing our communities through collaboration and collective intelligence.

Our blueprint: we look for the intersection of a problem, community-centered solution (idea) and the potential impact of an idea to the community.


Our Goals:

  • identify thinkers with ideas that have the potential to impact the community
  • support and accelerate those ideas and turn them into sustainable solutions
  • bring the community’s strength to accelerate the delivery of meaningful solutions that make a real impact in the community

At Remix, we aim:

  • to build a Socially Conscious Start-up Ecosystem
  • Solve community problems through collaboration and collective intelligence

Our Vision

“One Million Dollars for One Thousand Ideas”

“If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today”African Proverb

Our Mission

Remix Ideas mission is to build a socially conscious start-up ecosystem that help Start-ups, especially in technology, to launch and/or scale their businesses.

“If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together” – African Proverb



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