Three finalists named for “Ideas with Impact” pitch challenge

Three finalists named for “Ideas with Impact” pitch challenge

LITTLE ROCK – Remix Ideas has selected three finalists to pitch their concepts at the “Ideas with Impact” challenge event on Sept. 8, 2017 from 6pm to 11pm, at the Robinson Center.

Each of the finalists will have 5 minutes to make their pitch, followed by a three minutes Q&A session with the panel. After Q&A, the audience will select the winner.

$1,000 will be given to the winner.

The selected finalists to pitch their ideas are:

  • Vakeisa Jones – Regal Genesis Inc.
  • Olumide Yerokun – TRIBE
  • Anissa Stewart and Dennis Grissett -The Business League

For more information about this event, please contact us at

 About Remix Ideas

Our mission is to build a socially conscious start-up ecosystem that help to increase the number of successful Black entrepreneurs.

We do that by:

  1. Consulting: Early-Stage Startups

2. Access to Financial Capital – Through our program, Ascend Program, we work with a financing partner that specifically focus on providing small business loans.

3. Quarterly $1,000 Remix Pitch Challenge. “Battle of Ideas”

4. Providing Knowledge Capital – Business education (Seminars, Lectures and Workshops)

5. Social Capital – Networking Events