Benito Lubazibwa is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ReMix Ideas, LLC.

Remix Ideas’ mission is to remove barriers Black entrepreneurs face in accessing knowledge, capital, opportunities and resources to start, grow and scale their businesses.

In early 2019, Benito founded the ReMix Ideas Business Academy (RIBA) which teaches entrepreneurs for 12-weeks on how to develop and test ideas in the marketplace and how to establish a sustainable business model.

Benito is also the Founder of Africa Day Fest, a community festival showcasing African art and culture; he is also the Founder of the Little Rock Night Market, a family-friendly event that provides a platform for startups, artists, and entrepreneurs to showcase and test their ideas/products and strengthen the local economy by creating a space that encourage shoppers to buy local.

Benito was honored by the Center on Community Philanthropy at the Clinton School of Public Service with the 2020 Advancing Equity Award and honored by the Arkansas Democratic Black Caucus with the 2020 Calvin King Economic Development Award.

Benito is an advocate for upward economic mobility and intergenerational wealth through entrepreneurship.

Benito graduated with honors (Magna cum Laude) from the University of Central Arkansas, College of Business.

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Benito Lubazibwa, CEO and Founder of ReMix Ideas, LLC.